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The Movement Lab is a flexible modular space for emerging trajectories in art, science and technology in movement research, production and interdisciplinary interaction.


Joining the Movement Lab Barnard Network is contributing to advancing an expansion and refinement of online collaboration and the sharing of insight and inspiration for those in the field of creative technology, movement, performance, storytelling, dance.  "No new worlds without new language" - Ingeborg Bachmann

Recent collaboration

The Moving Body-Moving Image Festival 2020. The festival gives voice to social justice themes in the hybrid form of dance filmmaking known as ScreenDance. The festival which was scheduled to take place on campus, was rapidly reconfigured to be an online festival in response to Covid -19 with the collaboration of the Movement Lab

The Livable Futures performance rituals, CLIMATE GATHERING, started an international tour in 2020 beginning with a residency at Barnard’s Movement Lab in NYC in January and moving to Australia. 

Climate Gatherings integrate performance and creative community dialog to turn toward climate change and create space for feeling into action. Audiences enter into a charged and charismatic space of sound, light, motion and contemporary ritual.

Migrations//The Flocking project.A large scale experimental performance and collective cognition research project. The culmination of this project will be an outdoor performance, in which a coordinated group of hundreds of runners will create beautiful patterns spontaneously-like schools of fish, or murmurations of starlings - without pre-set choreography or explicit leadership.
The project was in rehearsal and has been postponed due to Covid -19,  to continue exploration at the first available opportunity. 

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